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Six Strategies to Build Brand Reputation

A brand’s reputation is often an organization’s most valuable asset, and effective brand marketing has historically driven commercial success. Today it’s widely recognized that while companies still “own” brands, the power for control has shifted from companies to consumers. We’re living in an era of digital connectivity where media is largely democratized and consumers have become increasingly more skeptical of a company’s motives. This makes brands more vulnerable than ever before, as the mere perception of a broken brand promise can evoke a negative response. Increased reputational risk means building the brand is not enough, it must be continuously protected and strengthened to survive.

Brand reputation leaders align an organization’s purpose, mission, vision, and values, with how people perceive the brand. From customers and employees to regulators and investors, a brand’s reputation relies on the extent to which stakeholders trust the brand to deliver an experience that meets or exceeds their expectations. The stronger the trust, the stronger the support.

Here are some strategies I’ve used successfully to enhance a brand’s inherent strengths and build its reputation in today’s real world:

  1. Articulate the brand value proposition, its purpose and positioning to all stakeholders

  2. Measure and monitor brand reputation, analyze data to inform strategic direction as well as measure program effectiveness

  3. Develop an employer/employee brand that attracts and retains top talent

  4. Create integrated earned, paid, and owned media campaigns that build awareness and consideration by elevating brand profile

  5. Improve internal communication capabilities among front line employees to increase trust in the brand

  6. Strengthen public perceptions of the brand through involvement in societal issues that benefit the community and engage key stakeholders

Brands with weak reputations will always be less successful than those with strong reputations. Brand reputation leaders know the strategies and tools to ensure your brand is the latter.

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